ZRx Outcomes Research Inc. provides latest, innovative, practical and premium solutions and products that promote healthcare research and awareness. We are presenting you some of our services
OR Modeling
Outcomes Research - Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics
Custom Research developed by top researchers in the specific disease areas.
Marketing Presentations
We further Enhance your Health Economics and Marketing presentations, by bringing them to life.
Learning Tools Services
Learning Tools such as Computer Based Training Programs provide an interactive medium for Marketing representatives to learn product material. Computer Based Training enables the inclusion of video and dynamic graphics that enhance the learning process. It has been demonstrated that retention levels are highest when individuals actively participate in the learning process.

Programs are also designed so that representatives cannot proceed from one module to another during the training, until they achieve a minimal score in current modules.

Using Internet technology, score results can be submitted directly to designated individuals within the company. In addition, managers can determine what areas have been most difficult for individuals based on their test results and also can learn more about the employees to better enable them to do their jobs.
Web Turnkey Solutions
We provide turnkey Web solutions that can fall in one, many or all of the following categories:

Health Economics Project Management
Business-2-Business portal
Corporate Site
Brand Site
Smart Phones
Custom Solutions - Questionnaire
All best-of-industry quality processes depend upon data collection. In Pharmaceutical and many other Industries, data collection is usually done by Marketing representative using Palm applications that later sync data collected with the main repository (server on the intranet/extranet) and thus provides prompt and real-time data for analysis.
3D Modeling
Custom Solutions - Questionnaire
We can help you create exciting 3D illustrations of your instruments for Multimedia packages, online and offline Advertising, Marketing, Trade Shows, and e-Learning sites.

If you need presentations to market and promote your medical devices, let us create 3D models of the devices to highlight and enhance the features of each device in order to strengthen your marketing message.

The application areas are in medical modeling, training and education.