ZRx Outcomes Research Inc. provides latest, innovative, practical and premium solutions and products that promote healthcare research and awareness. We are presenting you some of our case studies
Case Study 1
Project: Budget Impact Model
Client: Major US Pharma
Client was looking for an easy way to demonstrate to Payers budget impact of a new drug.
Payers agreed to cover a new drug.
Case Study 2
Project: Markov Model
Client: Major Global Biotech
Client was looking for a simple way to help seek FDA approval on Phase 3 drug to enter Phase 4. Problem was to communicate new approach to drug administration. Our user friendly interactive software model allowed decision makers with no health economic background to easily comprehend new drug benefits for patients.
FDA approved new drug for Phase 4 research.
Case Study 3
Project: Interactive Medical Device User Manual
Client: Major Global Pharma
Client was facing a challenge to explain new medical device operation to a diverse audience, including caregivers, trainers, biomedical engineers, sales personnel, government regulators and patients themselves.
Our interactive presentation provided the practicality of viewing instructions on the Web and on an interactive CD-ROM packaged with the product.
Case Study 4
Project: HIV Tracking Website
Client: Major UK Pharma
Client had access to nationwide data centers receiving real-time updates on disease progression. Client wanted to communicate in a user friendly fashion real-time tracking results to doctor and patient communities.
Client was able to provide communities with real-time UK Map tracking of a disease.
Case Study 5
Project: Depression (MDD) Cost-Effectiveness Model / Substitution Analysis
Client: Major EU Pharma
Client was looking for a pricing and reimbursement econometric model. Problem was to communicate efficacy and additional benefits of a new anti-depression drug. Our user friendly interactive software model allowed users with no health economic background to easily understand efficacy of a new drug and additional benefits for patients.
Danish, German, Turkish Government approved a new drug for 100% coverage.